Fanny collar (English version)

Fanny collar (English version)

Regular price 20 kr

Sizes: Onesize

Yardage: approx 30 g yarn with a 200m/50g meterage + 12 g mohair with a 250m/25 g meterage

Gauge: 20 m = 10 cm

Needle size: approx 4-4,5

Other: Knitting mill or 2 double pointed knitting needles size 3 and a tapestry needle

About the Fanny collar

You start the Fanny collar by knitting an icord string.

This icord string forms the base for the Fanny collar.

The collar is shaped by making knitting short rows and decreases.

The edge of the collar is made by making picot cast offs.

Use what ever scrap yarn you have. If you use a yarn with a different meterage the yardage will change. If you don't have a enough yarn be creative, for example use a different yarn for the ruffles edge,  picot cast off or for the icord.